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We encourage


We are the only
company to reward  customers for

    Empty cartridge

    Market price=


Now $2  off

all empty inkjet


(1 cartridge per item purchased)


Now $5 off

all empty toners

Recycle & $ave



ink/toner kartridge

If you have more than 1 we'll
them to your future orders.


Business Owners:

Save on your office budget!

We supply Business


& inkjet  Cartridges

Available for:












to your office



Weekday Hours

1 pm - 5pm

Other times by appointment

Available by e-mail anytime.




Cartridge Sale

$7.99 ea.*

Epson,- (#T048 to T200)

HP (#564-999)


(4+5 cartridge style printers))

*Buy Black at regular price

and the colours are only 

$7.99 ea

Note- Kartridge Kash for empties applied only to regular price Black not sale price colours.


"Kartridge Kash"


Recycle your empties & save!

We encourage recycling & reward you!


get  $2  off

when old cartridge returned!

~ Toners ~

get $5 off

when old cartridge returned!

( mention website price to qualify)

 1 Kartridge Kash return per  per item purchased

Sorry...does not apply to on sale items

(Max. of $10 applied per purchase)

~ Full Set Discounts ~

If purchasing a full set of 4 or more cartridges we will take $15 off the total to provide  even better savings!

(The best value discount will always be

applied at purchase!)

(Empty Returns will be carded for future us!

November Special  

Buy 1 black at reg price & get colours

get the colours at 7.99


"Selling  my brothers for $5"


(No I'm not actually selling my brother)

All instock  Brother inkjet cartridges

only  $5 ea. 

$5 promo Expires Oct 31/18


Canon 225/226 $14.20 each Now $9.99


Epson Cartridges T069 to T200

all Only $9.99


HP92 Reg $19.62   NOW $9.99

HP564xl was $15.20   Now $9.99

We have hundreds of cartridges in stock...

Call us for other prices!

Sorry Kartridge Kash for returned  empties can't be applied to sale items or full set discount but we'll card them for future credit.



You don't need to bring  in your empties to purchase  a cartridge. 

You get a discount if you do but it not necessary.

We don't refill so we have ready to go cartridges on our shelves to save you time & money.

Parking available

 in back & front!

~ Shop local & $ave ~


We don't refill but we'll keep these out of the landfiill!


All Toner  & Inkjet cartridges


Try us out !

We're for far less than the 

'Stapler Store"



Psssst...You don't need to bring 

in your empties to purchase 

a cartridge.

You get a discount if you do but it not necessary.

We don't refill so we have ready to go cartridges on our shelves to save you time & money.


Sorry no Kartridge Kash on 

sale priced items,

but we can card your 

empties for future credit.


Recycle your  empties!


Kartridge Ka$h

(recycling encouragement)


Inkjet cartridge =$2 off

Toner cartridge = $10 off

Yes we give you money off your order to encourage recycling!

Inkjet Cartridges

Toners too!

Laser Toners

& Color laser

toner cartridges

Available !

Have you noticed....The "stapler store" cartridge prices have jumped this year!

Get a better

 price here ! 

<<<<<<<<(Fill Kartridge Price box for current price 

We're  usually  1/2 their price! Check us out.

Hours :

 Monday - Friday  

1pm - 5pm

Saturday :

(by appointment)


We're in the  back building...

(park in front or in the back parking area )

All other times:

we are available

by appointment!

Your local 

Brandon source for


ink & toner


We're generally 1/2 the

price of the

"stapler" stores


A great way to save

& shop local!

 Home Printer  Kartridges

available for ALL printers:

HP                   LEXMARK

EPSON               CANON


 Most of our Cartridges

are under $20!

  We  sell




ink Kartridges.

Why Buy over priced


cartridges from the bigbox

stores anymore?

(we're usually 1/2 the price

of the "stapler" stores prices)

You now have a Brandon local alternative source!

 Rumor Dispelled!

Sorry, we DON'T

re-fill  ANY 

cartridges. It's too

messy & unreliable.

Our entire line of Kartridges are NEW -

Pre-packaged  -

Factory Filled



for usually 1/2

less than


-name  prices

at the



Call or e-mail

us  & see

how much you

can save!


INK & The Family Tree

455-8th street (Look for our white archway!)

204-727-8841 or 1-866-727-8841

We have hundreds of the most common kartridges in stock

but can order less common

or older cartridges too. 

Call to get our regular price &  you'll see . If its not on the shelf it'll be

worth the wait.

(un-common cartridges usually  available in 4 days or less.)

Due to the HUNDREDS  & hundreds of

printers & inks we can only stock the most popular


But we likely have the Kartridge you need!


  • Tired of spending more to fill your printer than your car?
  • Tired of being forced to buy name-brand because there are no options?

  • Tired of paying more for your ink than you paid for the printer?

We are your less expensive Brandon ink option!

Our Generic INK Kartridges are identical to the original &

can $ave you  $$.

Why are name brand cartridges so expensive?

To pay for the low priced "do everything printer" (scanner, fax, print) that  you purcahsed for $40 they have to make it up somehow, so they OVERCHARGE for their cartridges. (They expect you to purchase 6 ink sets a year~therefore you end up spending $400-600/ year for ink!!! for a $40  printer?  We can save you $

How can I save $?

By buying our generic Kartridges you are saving money for yourself. Our NEW kartridges are pre-filled & distributed from BC.  Our Kartridges allow you to save $5 to $30 per kartridge compared to name brand prices.

Call our office with your printer model or cartridge number & we'll give you a price that will shock you. Most of our Kartridges are under $20.Feel free to  contact me directly if you want more info!


We will replace any kartridge if you have any problems with. Free right off the shelf! We've been using these kartridges for years without any problems. But we still will replace them without question.

Any other Discounts?

YES! take a look!

1) Buy a full set of cartridges( Black + Cyan, Magenta, Yellow  Min. $30)   

get a $5-$10 off full set discount 

2) Recycle & get Kartridge Kash - $3 for each

empty returned inkjet cartridge & $5 off for any empty toners 
(to a max of $10/purchase extras are logged & applied to future orders)

3)Out of town orders - Free mailing  over $40 (only $15 if less than $40)